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Lyrics and Music: A. Phillips

At the dusty road's divide

we took the left fork for a mile,

to reach a black cast iron gate.

And as the rusty hinges yawned,

through the trees we saw the path

into the old estate.


Stone lions alone

can't keep us out

while eagles & crows are sleeping.

We followed the road

open mouthed

we watched as the old place breathed its last.


Yellow diggers in a row

cough back into life and stretch 

to gulp the dusty sunlight.

Through the rafters through the brick,

chimneys fall and push the past 

out through the broken skylight.


Stone lions in rows,

rising up

in driveways and private gardens.

Stone lions alone,

guarding us

from gargoyles and long lost pardons.

Stone eagles and crows

flying off

to new and forgotten places.

Stone lions alone

staring out

into our newborn faces.


Stone gods creep across 

the terraces,

keystones and backstreet places.

Dust, fossils, and mud 


into our newborn faces.

Stone Lions

Taken from the 2012 album, Unearth

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