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Lyrics and Music: A. Phillips

For the islander

The coastline stretches in a thin smile

And the water is cold  

So green against the granite


But you're floating out,

your feathers white upon the water


Swim back to me now

Come back to the places that you know 

And warm yourself awhile


For the islander

Sunlight pools upon the channel

And the furrows are bare –

So black against the clouds


But you're diving down

Between the lines and sinkers


Swim back to me now

Climb the winding path up to the road

That leads you into town, and into the square

To gaze upon the stones that they laid there

And feel the iron heel pressed into your back - 

Back to haunt the places that you know

And feel the sun awhile

Then back to the cold

Dive in off the rocks below the road


Taken from the 2015 album, Everyone Was A Bird

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